Practical Bible Studies

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Translation Philosophies

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A List of Popular Bible Translations in English
Protestant- Formal Equivalent
(Mostly Word-for-Word)
Tyndale New Testament (1526)
Coverdale Bible (1535)
Matthew's Bible (1537)
The Great Bible (1539)
Geneva Bible (1560)
Bishops' Bible (1568)
King James Version (1611)
Webster's Bible (1833)
American Standard Version (1901)
Revised Standard Version (1952)
New American Standard Bible (1971)
New King James Version (1982)
New Revised Standard Version (1989)
English Standard Version (2001)
New Cambridge Paragraph Bible (2005)
Modern English Version (2014)
Protestant- Functional Equivalent
(Mostly Thought-for-Thought)
New English Bible (1970)
Good News Translations (1976)
New International Version (1978)
New Century Translations (1987)
Revised English Bible (1989)
Contemporary English Version (1995)
New Living Translation (1996)
Holman Christian Standard Bible (2004)
Today's New International Version (2005)
New English Translation (2005)
Christian Standard Bible (2017)
The Living Bible (1970)
God's Word (1995)
The Message (2002)
Messianic Jewish
(Traditional Jewish Book Order)
Complete Jewish Bible (1998)
Tree of Life Version (2011)
New Jerusalem Version (2019)
(With Apocrypha)
Jerusalem Bible (1966)
New American Bible (1970)
New Jerusalem Bible (1985)
(Cult and Non-Believing)
Joseph Smith Translation (1828)
New World Translation (1961)
Clear Word Bible (1994)
The Inclusive Bible (2009)
Queen James Bible (2012)
The Remedy (2017)