Practical Bible Studies

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COMING SOON... Practical Bible Commentaries!

     The Practical Bible Studies series is available in several countries and available at major book retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Lulu. You can also purchase them directly from our web store.
      Every purchase from any of those sources is a donation to our ministry. It helps give Bibles to the poor and produce new content. We hope that you may be inspired as we are!

      As of right now, we are only financially able to produce two books per year. This number will rise with more donations, but so far we have The Epistles of John, False Prophets, and Old Testament Jesus. You can also find our Sermon Notebook in limited quantities while supplies last!      
      While these books are fantastic for small groups or solo studying within your church or at bedtime, they are also great for inter-denominational discussions. In fact, Practical Bible Studies started as a tool for a small group with Methodist, Pentecostal, and Baptist members. 
     So whether you are Nazarene, Full Gospel, Freewill, Reformed, SDA, Lutheran, Orthodox, or otherwise, Practical Bible Studies may be just what you need for your small group!
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Upcoming Books

Practical Bible Studies:

The Epistle of James

(Spring of 2019)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:

A Christian Devotional Study

(Summer of 2019)

Practical Bible Commentaries: Jonah

(Fall of 2019)

Acts 8:37:

The Eunuch's Confession of Faith

(Winter of 2019)